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Certified high-class specialists.

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Certified high-class specialists.

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Certified high-class specialists.


Giving visions life

At Studio Anqet, we believe that impeccable design has the power to improve lives. Our bespoke interiors & landscapes are conceived to uplift, inspire and delight.

Guided by our clients’ aspirations, we breathe life into personal visions – turning houses into incredible homes and buildings into beautiful sanctuaries. With an unwavering commitment to quality and service, we transform spaces into something extraordinary.

Our boutique approach means clients always enjoy our full attention and most importantly – passion. We see possibilities others may not, finding beauty in the everyday and solutions where none seem to exist. This spirit runs through everything we create.

Studio Anqet’s identity is shaped by our agility, persistence, and personal touch. We are Industry trailblazers committed to wellness-centric design and sustainable practices. Our work is a tribute to both our Egyptian namesake – the goddess of the Nile river – and the new life we help cultivate every day.


Why Studio Anqet?

By integrating the exterior and interior design from
the start of the project, we can deliver a superior
product to our clients.