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Private Residence – Hampstead, London

This project was a replacement house with large open spaces and ample light from the front and the private rear garden. Stepped terraces were created at the rear to bring more light into the basement.

Private Residence – Hampstead West, London

This property is located in a gated community. The design intent was to improve the flow and extend the house to the rear creating a transition space between the house and the garden. The ground floor was extensively remodelled to create an open plan with connected spaces for different family activities.

Private Residence –
Knightsbridge, London

Designing the interior of several houses in KnightsBridge, London. This project involved the full understanding of the client’s Middle Eastern needs in their London summer houses. A modern and minimalistic design with some exquisite elements in each room to lift it up

Private Residence – Marylebone, London

This new-build development consisted of 16 spacious luxury flats. This allowed for significant design freedom to create mezzanine levels that overlook living areas below

Private Residence, St

his project in a rural setting, was a spacious barn-style reconstruction after the original building was demolished. It was constructed with ICF (insulated Concrete Formwork) and clad in timber. The remit was to create a well lit and clinical residence with an open feel to maximise the views.